There is still a ton of updating to do - and I am planning to redo the whole thing to remove a lot of the guessing. Not all, because sometimes it's all we've got, and if it has a logical basis it's better than nothing. - 1 August 2009

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I hope there may be something of use to you in these pages.

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Dad's side:
Roberts connections: Helm/s - Eisen

Scott connections: Pattee - Brown - Harkless - Aber  - Owen
Pattee connections: Arnold - Dyer - Slocum -
Slocum connections: Hull

Ok - this has gotten completely out of control.  It was fine until I connected GGGrandfather Pattee to his father - then all of a sudden, I was connected all the way back to VERY early New England.
And those fellows were genealogy fools, so now I've got jillions of new families and people to do.
It's totally overwhelming and I'm not sure I want to do all the work.

And I suddenly realized that I should have been indexing this site all along.

Mom's side:

Stanton connections: Darr, DeWeese

Darr connections: Lusk
Lusk connections: Conner, Hull, Bailey, Stevenson
Bailey connections: Belcher, Clay, Frogley, Isham
NO orginal research, very little documentation on the Bailey connections.

DeWeese connections: Sams, Hudson, Hughes
a lot about the Warrick County Hudsons - much speculation
Sams connections: Edwards
totally copied from messages on the Edwards Family GenForum site

Geographical Areas
Not even close to being completed - even the ones with working links are just sketchy.
North Carolina
South Carolina

Census Information

Military Information

Civil War Pension Docs


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